Inaugural Post

_TechScan_ - good one

Welcome to our blog and this inaugural post.  It’s been quite a journey for Naneva.  We’ve operated in stealth mode for several years and are thrilled to announce the official launch of our company this year!

We will use this space in a number of ways.  First, as a journal, to track our own progress and experience and to share the gained knowledge and wisdom so that others may benefit from it.  Second, as a vehicle to comment on the necessity and inevitability of automated failure prediction in the design and development of reliable products and manufacturing processes.  Third, as a platform for discussion and commentary on topics ranging from quality and reliability to the frightening lack of cross-domain engineering skills needed to address the ever increasing complexity and interdisciplinary nature of modern products and systems.

When we think about the staggering annual cost ($700 Billion) of recalls, injuries, deaths, and property damage ensuing just from poorly envisioned and executed consumer products in the U.S. alone, our heads spin.  Much of this damage is truly predictable and preventable.  So, our goal is to make a major dent in reducing this unnecessary toll on society.  We must replace ineffective hit-or-miss brainstorming with a highly agile and exhaustive automated approach.

We believe that TechScan is destined to do just that.  Catastrophic failures such as tire tread separation on moving vehicles, sudden laptop battery fires, and even environmentally damaging oil rig explosions are not inevitable, but rather totally avoidable.  Our mission is to assist the engineers – the extraordinary men and women who make possible this incredible world we live in – by empowering them with a tool that allows them to develop failure-prof products, processes, systems and spaces.

We invite you to join us, and we look forward to your commentary, questions, thoughts, opinions and shared wisdom as we move forward on this disruptive innovation journey.

Victor, David and George