About Us


The world’s most sophisticated enterprises must deliver on their promise of highest design quality and product reliability. To facilitate this process, NANEVA offers a breakthrough means of completing Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) using state of the art Predictive System Diagnostics AlgorithmsTM¬†(PSDA).

Those who seek improved product quality, reduced lead times, greater product-to-market speed, maximized productivity and reduced warranty relief costs – all culminating in added millions to their bottom lines, will find NANEVA‘s TechScan the answer they have long searched for.

NANEVA is a provider of a breakthrough software solution for the automated detection of potential failures in new products and manufacturing processes. The solution enables manufacturers to eliminate guesswork from recognizing potential product failures, thus saving millions of dollars through improved reliability, reduced warranty relief and maintenance costs, and enhanced consumer value.

No product is absolutely reliable. Products regularly fail or malfunction in the course of ordinary use. Some product failures are foreseeable, and are easily prevented. Many other failures, however, are unexpected, and more often then not, result in significant monetary and property damages, and even lead to loss of life. Prevention of potential failures in new and existing products is imperative to an organization’s survival and competitive advantage. Unfortunately, virtually in all industries, product failure prediction is essentially relegated to guesswork. The random nature of failure analysis is one of the primary reasons for product malfunction and poor quality. Manufacturers regularly incur huge costs related to product recalls, warranty relief, and litigation ensuing from poorly envisioned and executed products and systems.

NANEVA offers a new radical approach for systematizing predictive failure analysis. NANEVA’s core algorithms replace the hit-or-miss approach of brainstorming, currently applied in the identification of potential product failures, with a systematic one, allowing for a thorough exploration of a product’s “failure space.”

NANEVA‘s mission is to become the worldwide leader in knowledge-based system diagnostics software by enhancing its customers’ competitiveness through the effective development of highly reliable products and processes.