George Davelman


George Davelman, Chief System Architect and Co-founder

George is responsible for overall system development. George Davelman, Ph.D., has more than three decades of software development experience. He architected and managed the development of new solutions in various industries, including biomedical, aerospace, and corporate finance. He designed and implemented software solutions for General Motors, Ford, Chrysler,, Bosch and other large, medium and small companies. He was the lead architect on several multi-million dollar projects, including the Engineering Portal and Design Verification System at Ford Motor Company, data delivery and search systems at, and the eContracting solution at Chrysler Financial Services. Over the past several years George has held leading positions at EMC/Documentum and Tata Consultancy Services Limited – Automotive Division (TCS Automotive), charting strategic directions and developing technical polices for the companies. In his capacity as Chief Architect for TCS Automotive, he was responsible for developing strategic technical solutions and best practices policies for both on-site and offshore software development teams. Together with Victor Fey, he developed the TechScan prototype.